Havtahava Havanese



San Juans Island Litter
May 2, 2013 photos

Please pardon the delay in getting photos to you. It is getting more and more difficult to get the boys to cooperate as they are so eager to explore their surroundings or play!  90% of the photos from this session were a blur or of the puppy trying to kiss the camera lens.  (See examples at the bottom of the page.)  We will have our temperament testing done this weekend, but in the meantime, here are the boys.





Ever the playful one; you can see his tail wagging in the back of this image.

He was so busy investigating that I only got this shot when he took a moment to consider lunging at the camera lens.

While he's a bit more reserved than his brothers, he does not hold back on kisses nor cuddles.






Such a poser, but he seems to always get caught ready to give a kiss.

You can't see his tail wagging in this shot, but he was having a blast being the center of attention.




Here were some of our outtakes.

Blakely, Fidalgo, Patos and Sinclair.


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